Best mobile video poker trainer apps

Video poker is a simple card game where your goal is to get the best hand possible. It works almost like slot machines. If you get a combination, you receive a prize. That’s why such games are often called video poker slots.

Since there are no other players in-game and even no dealer, all your efforts are applied to getting the highest hand. To do that you can switch cards up to two times. To better understand how it all works you should practice. The best thing to do that is to download a mobile video poker app and gamble in free mode to develop your own strategy. Playing on your mobile device allows accessing the games wherever you’re, such as online pokies It’s also way more comfortable to gamble using a smartphone or tablet.

Top mobile video poker apps

To find good training software, you should download software provided by reputable developers, even if you’re going to play only in free mode. Search for the apps in Google play, in case you use an Android device. If you gamble on the iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store and download the app.

To choose the app follow these tips:

  1. Make sure it’s offered by trustworthy casino site or software developer.
  2. Download mobile video poker apps that allow you to play lots of different poker games.
  3. Always check whether you can play for money too.
  4. Consider users’ review and total rating.

Currently these video poker mobile apps are the most popular among players:

  • Video Poker Trainer;
  • Video Poker Deluxe Casino;
  • Betway Videopoker.

Some apps offer only free gaming, while others allow you to make real bets.

How to win more in mobile video poker real money games?

Video poker is a game of chance and your only way to influence the outcome is to draw cards wisely and hold the ones you really need. Here’s you should do for better wins:

  • don’t go for better combination if you have higher chances to get another one;
  • always keep pairs;
  • bet max, cause this way you’ll get the highest payout rates;
  • choose games with the closest to 100% RTP level or even higher than 100%.

One more crucial thing for better wins is money management. You should always set your own stop-loss limits and keep big wins not to lose your prize in the following rounds. Sometimes it’s better to have a little break before you continue gambling.

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