How to play video poker online for free and win money?

Another great advantage of modern video games is the ability to play them for free and even win real money without having to make a deposit. Choose any casino with no deposit video poker bonuses on our list.

Online video poker

The first online video poker game was developed by the popular Microgaming company in 1994. With the addition of new games and features, virtual video poker now offers even more variety of games with more affordable betting options. Players can also play progressive jackpot video games.

Video poker in 2021

Nowadays, you can play video games in train stations, bars and airports. You can enjoy the game in your own home both on your mobile phone and on your tablet. Video poker has become one of the most popular and frequently played casino games. Players can choose their game type from hundreds of variations available, including multiplayer video poker. However, a very interesting fact is that the Jack and Better video poker game is still the most popular.


Even though some video games have a high theoretical return (RTP – payout percentage) of 99.95%, there is a reason why this is called theoretical payback.

In order to achieve the stated theoretical return on a particular video poker game, you must choose the right strategy and avoid mistakes.

When you play a slot machine with a payout percentage of 99.5%, these numbers are just the percentage of money that the casino pays out to the players if they win. This interest rate is fixed (unless it is a progressive jackpot slot). You cannot influence the percentage, since you cannot influence the result of the rotation of the slot machine. You can only hope for luck.

When playing video poker, the payout percentage depends on your skills and the chosen strategy. The percentage advertised to you is the highest percentage you can count on. To do this, you must choose the perfect strategy – keep the cards that bring you the highest expected value. Check out our article on video poker strategies to find the best one for you.

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